Sunday, September 2, 2012

New line of intaglios, in soft launch phase!

We are in the soft launch phase of our new line of intaglios.  After our original intaglio artist retired, we searched for 18 months for a new craftsman whose work was of the same level of quality as our previous supplier, and finally found just the right person whose quality is simply outstanding - exactly what our customers have come to expect from Quatrefoil Design.

We are so pleased with the new line of intaglios!  The intaglios themselves are reproductions based on a private collection of antique intaglios, and we have been mapping over our designs to the new intaglios with wonderful results.  We are using the same signature intaglio frame as before (it is custom created for us); it has a wonderful presence that works perfectly with our lovely intaglio designs.

The Charlotte design in our signature gilver (warm silver) hand leafed frame, shown in our large size (17 5/8" x 21 5/8" outer frame measurement)  

The Charlotte design in our signature gilver (warm silver) hand leafed frame, shown in our small size (12 3/4" x 16" outer frame measurement) 

A set of three ordered recently by a customer.  We love the combination of the Paris, the Charlotte, and the Faith. (This picture came out a bit dark, it was taken without flash on a rainy day).

For more information, please email  To see our wonderful intaglio designs, please visit  Each item is made to order, so we can do just about anything - any size frame, any size mat opening, any intaglio design (an upcharge may apply).

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