Thursday, October 18, 2012

A new batch of framed agates!

A new set of 12 framed agates, in a beautiful sapphire blue color.  Sold individually.

Our framed agates are creations of nature, and are one of a kind.  This is what makes them so special and unique.  As a natural stone with crystalline structure, it is often difficult to capture in a photograph the variety and richness of color and grain pattern that is evident to the naked eye.  Flash photographs capture the brilliance of color and the special way in which the agates interact with light, but at times make the colors appear more saturated than they appear to the naked eye.  Please carefully read the color description of the agate in each item listing, and do not hesitate to email if you would like additional information and pictures.

Playing around with the groupings - here is a collage in picmonkey (it cuts everything down to square, but fun to look at the arrangements!)

Same agates, grouped in two sets of 6. They all work together beautifully, and each one has its own character and interest.

For more information, please contact Holly at Quatrefoil Design.  These will be launched in the store early next week (October 22).
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